lckamal - 1 year ago

There is some problem with file system when file is not found. suppose, We take database from live site where file exists. But in local we won't download all files to test on local. It throws error Call to a member function getFilesystem() on null It it possible to suppress this error?

piterden - 1 year ago

Did you try artisan command, which cleans file module?

lckamal - 1 year ago

Tried php artisan files:clean but this cleans images only. I have problem with files (doc, docx, pdf)

ryanthompson - 1 year ago

It cleans images only?? Lol that's not right.. can you debug a bit or is there an issue elsewhere?

lckamal - 1 year ago

lets say there is a reference of files module to cv column in profiles table. if there is no cv in uploads path, then this error is shown.