Development stalled?
Created 3 years ago by rickm

Just wondering if theres any updates on development? I know v3.8 and v4 were in the works but its been a bit quiet and the last release was close to a year ago. Obviously we're running an out of date version of Laravel at this point, are there any plans to get things moved over to version 8 when it's released this month?

Gotta be honest (hopefully some constructive feedback), the place feels pretty dead these days. The forums have had spam on them that doesn't seem to be getting cleaned up or stopped, the addon store has been offline for over a year, docs are missing/incomplete, demo is broken, etc. I know its a one-man show and the amount of work been put in is extremely impressive, but maybe its time to open things up a bit to more than 'open a pull request' and publicly ask for contributors.