ryanthompson - 10 months ago

I have a layout block (PRO) that is DONE but for some options: https://github.com/anomalylabs/layout_block-extension

Here are some things I need help with:


Currently we have this structure:

  1. Assign the Blocks FT like you normally would.
  2. Add a Layout Block
  3. Add a row within the layout
  4. Add column(s) with the layout
  5. Add more blocks per column

The key here is the row. My question is

Do we want there to be a row or should the layout block be the row?

I think some related questions are:

Do we want the Layout block handle the page container?

Do we want to add a Layout block to add another row?

I think a lot of this comes to UI. With the block being the row - we could condense the UI a bit so it's not so nested.

Do any of you have any experience with a similar system? Is it common to let your Layout block handle the container / page width?

Take other blocks for example - mostly they assume full width and thus require a container. So those will rely on a theme container out of the box (customization is another topic - this is out of the box behavior).

I plan on using https://tachyons.io/ for the layout stuff since it's versatile, small, and will be easy to override.

Thoughts? Questions?

dwains - 10 months ago

Do we want there to be a row or should the layout block be the row? I prefer that there will be a row

Do we want to add a Layout block to add another row? I dont see why

william - 10 months ago

Can it be tested now?

ryanthompson - 10 months ago

@william in generic form sure. I don't have sizing options in there so it's 100/count(columns).

@dwains Mostly for aesthetic purposes. The extra layer (think grid in grid in grid vs grid in grid) is kinda eh.. IMO the shorter the relational strand the better. So no row - the block IS the row. But.. that might be weird.

dwains - 10 months ago

And if you want 2 blocks in the same row?

ryanthompson - 10 months ago

@dwains You would add two layout blocks.

dwains - 10 months ago

And make like icon FT that you can choose which handler you want for the css like tachyons, bootstrap, ...

ryanthompson - 10 months ago

@dwains wrong thread. But since you mentioned: https://pyrocms.com/posts/icon-field-type-v1-0

dwains - 10 months ago

Yeah I saw that and already use it haha

ryanthompson - 4 months ago

Update - this has been changed to separate and free section and column blocks. Working on some styling / CSS control automation and these will be done.