SQLSTATE[HY000] errors after composer update / upgrade
Created 5 years ago by kiltedup


Just updated a couple of sites - one is 3.4 and simply had a composer update, the other was a 3.4 to 3.5 upgrade.

After the update/upgrade, the issue appeared with pages. If I edit any existing page, when saving the following message is output :

Error while saving wordlist: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 21 library routine called out of sequence

The error is output multiple times (in excess of 100) - but all changes are made.

Any new pages created with the same page type DO NOT see this error.

I'm confused (more so than usual !!!) - anyone seen this / have any thoughts?


carsonsuite  —  5 years ago

I know this is something you have already looked at, but if not have your read over this guide for updating/upgrading? https://pyrocms.com/help/developer-tools/cheatsheets/upgrading

kiltedup  —  5 years ago

Hi - yes. Have read over that. Was just having another look at this - the only other thing that changed was PHP on server was changed from 7.1 to 7.2. Switching back to 7.1 removes the error. So have left at the previous version for now.

ryanthompson  —  5 years ago

@kiltedup sounds like maybe the MySQLi extension for 7.2 wasn't hooked up?