Adding your module's menu to the "Settings" menu in the admin
Created 6 years ago by squatto

I recently created a "Contacts" module to manage a list of contacts. They're used to populate some fields throughout the system. Nothing complicated. A simple CRUD module. However, I didn't want a full parent-child menu in admin menu, just for one simple thing:

What I didn't want

That's what I didn't want

Instead, I wanted to put "Contacts" into the "Settings" menu. As with most things in Pyro, it's quite easy (once I figured out what I was doing with the help of everyone in the Slack channel!)

In contacts-module/src/ContactsModuleServiceProvider.php, in a boot() method:

use Anomaly\Streams\Platform\Addon\AddonCollection;
use Illuminate\Routing\Router;

public function boot(AddonCollection $addonCollection, Router $router)
    // create a "Contacts" section in the "Settings" menu
    $slug = 'contacts';
    $section = [
        'title'   => 'myaddon.module.contacts::addon.section.contacts',
        'href'    => 'admin/contacts',
        'buttons' => [
            'new' => [
                'text' => 'myaddon.module.contacts::button.new_contact',
    $addonCollection->get('anomaly.module.settings')->addSection($slug, $section);

    // define routes
    // you have to set streams::addon to anomaly.module.settings in order for "Settings" to stay active in the menu
    $router->any('admin/contacts', [
        'uses'           => 'MyAddon\ContactsModule\Http\Controller\Admin\ContactsController@index',
        'streams::addon' => 'anomaly.module.settings',

    $router->any('admin/contacts/create', [
        'uses'           => 'MyAddon\ContactsModule\Http\Controller\Admin\ContactsController@create',
        'streams::addon' => 'anomaly.module.settings',

    $router->any('admin/contacts/edit/{id}', [
        'uses'           => 'MyAddon\ContactsModule\Http\Controller\Admin\ContactsController@edit',
        'streams::addon' => 'anomaly.module.settings',

Some key things to notice:
1) I had to explicitly point the section title and buttons to the contacts module language keys
2) You have to set href on the section or it is appended to admin/settings/ (in other words, you end up with admin/settings/contacts)
3) You have to set streams::addon in each route to anomaly.module.settings in order for the "Settings" menu to remain active
4) In your module (ContactsModule.php for me) you need to set protected $navigation = false; so that it doesn't show up in the admin menu

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