Upgrade PyroCMS v2.5 to v3.7
Created 3 years ago by z

How would I go about updating an old v2.5 website to the current v3.7?

Been having lots of difficulties with this due to a seeming (I may have just failed to find it) lack of relevant documentation and the massive differences between the versions' directory structure. Tried using the instructions in the Upgrade Guide [ https://pyrocms.com/documentation/pyrocms/3.7/prologue/upgrade-guide & https://pyrocms.com/help/developer-tools/cheatsheets/upgrading] by inserting the package.json file (there was none among the v2.5 files) and making small edits to work around the errors I was receiving, until it complained about missing fields in the database's migrations table. Also tried manually copying the old v2.5 content into a fresh v3.7 install, but the directory structure differences left me stumped right at the start; don't know where to begin.

Please help! Been stuck on this for ~2 months... It's a big production website, so abandoning it is not an option. If a direct upgrade is not possible, instructions for copying the content manually would certainly help too!

rickm  —  3 years ago

The TL;DR is that you cant. They aren't remotely similar and totally incompatible with each other as one was written on Codeigniter, the other on Laravel.

z  —  3 years ago

Thank you for the reply!

Was beginning to fear that...

Other than actually re-creating all of the website's content manually from scratch, would there be any option to import the v2.5 site into the new v3.7 system somehow?.. Seems like it's all stored mostly in the database, so may be possible, right? Did the databases' structure remain similar? (Only have a v2.5 DB to look at here.)