Forum are the primary components of your structured content. Every page has a type that defines it's available fields and layout.


Below is a list of fields in the forum stream not including custom fields.

Fields are accessed as attributes:


Same goes for decorated instances in Twig:

{{ page.title }}

Note that active forum get pushed into the template super variable:

{{ }}
Key Type Description
title text The display title.
slug slug The path slug.
meta_title text The meta title falls back to the page title.
meta_description textarea The meta description.
meta_keywords tags The meta keywords.
enabled boolean Whether the page is enabled or not.
home boolean Whether the page is the home page or not.
visible boolean Whether to display the page in `structure()` navigation or not.
exact boolean Whether to require an exact URI match or not.
allowed_roles multiple The user roles allowed to view the page.
theme_layout select The theme layout to override the value defined in the page's type.