Below is the full configuration available with defaults values:

"example" => [
    "type"   => "anomaly.field_type.geocoder",
    "config" => [
        "zoom"          => 13,
        "height"        => 400
Key Example Description



The input map's zoom.



The input map's height.

Addon Configuration

Google API

A Google maps and geocoding API key can be provided by the field type configuration.

You can set the key by publishing the field type and setting the value:

php artisan addon:publish anomaly.field_type.geocoder // See google.php config file.

You can also set the key by setting the GEOCODER_KEY value in your .env file.


The Geocoder field type is a paid addon and requires purchasing from the addon store OR a paid subscription.

Installing from Store Download

You can install the Templates module by downloading the addon and placing it within your site's addon directory:

Installing with Composer Subscription

You can install the Geocoder field type with Composer as a VCS repository if you have a subscription:

     "require": {
        "anomaly/geocoder-field_type": "~1.1.0"
    "repositories": [
            "type": "vcs",
            "url": ""
Spatial Features

In order to enable spatial features you must register Grimzy\LaravelMysqlSpatial\SpatialServiceProvider in your config/app.php file before App service providers.

Spatial Service Provider