The Social module is a paid addon and requires purchasing from the addon store or an active PRO subscription.

Installing with PRO Subscription

You can easily install the Social module dependency with Composer if you have an active PRO subscription:

composer require anomaly/social-module

Then install the addon for your application:

php artisan addon:install
Installing from Download

You can install the Social module by downloading the addon and placing it within your site's addon directory:


Then install the addon dependencies:

composer update

Lastly installing the addon like normal:

php artisan addon:install

Suggested Addons

It is suggested that you also install a couple basic social providers as well:

Facebook Provider Extension

The Facebook provider extension makes it easy login and register with Facebook.

composer require anomaly/facebook_provider-extension

GitHub Provider Extension

The GitHub provider extension makes it easy login and register with GitHub.

composer require anomaly/github_provider-extension