Providers are extensions that wrap Socialite providers. They allow drop-in configuration and implementation.

Provider extensions must be installed before using! {.note}

Authenticating Users

To authenticate (login) a user with a social provider and connect the accounts simply send the user to the auth route.

Existing authentications will simply log the user in and update tokens.{.tip}

<a href="{{ url_route('', {'provider': 'facebook'}) }}">Login with Facebook</a>

To send the user to a specific URL after authentication you can supply a redirect parameter:

<a href="{{ url_route('', {'provider': 'facebook', 'redirect': 'my-account/welcome'}) }}">
    Login with Facebook

You can specify to register a user if not found by email or logged in already:

<a href="{{ url_route('', {'provider': 'facebook', 'register': true}) }}">
    Login with Facebook

You can toggle allowing registration in Settings > Modules > Social{.tip}

Disconnecting Accounts

To disconnect a social provider from a user account use the disccount route:

<a href="{{ url_route('', {'provider': 'facebook', 'redirect': 'my-account/providers'}) }}">
    Disconnect Facebook

You can provide a redirect option when disconnecting too.{.tip}