GraphQL vs Restful API,
Created 7 years ago by adnan

Hey everyone,

Github announced last week that they are rolling out their new API in near future, (now in review) based on GraphQL a relatively new way to compose API, originally built by Facebook.

When Github does this, I see sweeping changes on how APIs will be built from then onwards as GraphQL provides powerful ways to interact with servers / data.

Anyone here have thought about this, or think we should prepare early? 😄

Side note, if you do watch the video you'll see that Github recieved help from Facebook engineers and from Shopify to a large degree to implement the query language, .. is it just me or has the world turned onto it's head to the point that, for-profit companies help each-other as if it has always been the case!!!

ryanthompson  —  7 years ago

Lol that does sounds like a lie - companies helping each other like that. I love the idea though - when I've built larger APIs in the past it's been based on a query syntax. Just makes sense. Kinda like criteria for models - I don't want a plugin function for everything - I want SAFE access to the API.

adnan  —  7 years ago

Is there room in the Streams Platform for an Api addon type?

jcastillotx  —  7 years ago

I thought Ryan already had an API addon that he hasnt worked on in a while

adnan  —  7 years ago

I was thinking addon type, like in modules, extensions, field_types, .. an api type,

I can think of it as each type would provide essential scaffolds for different api styles (Restful, GraphQL etc), ..

I didn't give it much thought really and it's probably unnecessary, .. Ryan's call