Uploaded PyroCMS to my Webserver but its not running at all
Created 6 years ago by ultratm

Hello together,

i uploaded my PyroCMS to my webserver (hosting provider) However i had problems updating the addons in the admin panel. But then i saw an open Basedir restriction was the problem. I also created an htaccsess file to open /public when open the URL of the testsite.

I can click on update and also get an feedback update done. Also migrate of addons work. But the still show as outdatet. Also i cant install Addons. I bought the SlideShow Module for example but i get this error: Class Fritzandandre\SlideshowsModule\SlideshowsModule does not exist

Also with the pro plugins since im also a pro user.

What is wrong there?


ultratm  —  6 years ago


Im using PyroCMS 3.4 and im on an Ubuntu 12.4 Linux Server

ryanthompson  —  6 years ago

Did you upload via FTP? Typically you would need to run composer update and/or composer dump-autoload which the latter is probably why you are getting a class not found. Try the above commands and possibly php artisan streams:compile (note you may need to mark your app uninstalled in the .env file).

ultratm  —  6 years ago

HI Ryan,

yes i uploaded it via FTP.

Does it mean the commands i need to run before upload? Or can it not work on only an webspace provider and only works with composer/artisan linux/windows system?

ryanthompson  —  6 years ago

It can work with FTP too but you need to upload absolutely everything and probably still run composer dump-autoload to update the class map PATHS (cause they're relative to your local environment).

Pyro has a bin with a composer.phar in it you can use: php bin/composer.phar dump-autoload

ultratm  —  6 years ago

the commands i run on my system or on the system where i upload them? Cause the problem is, since its only a webspave provider i have no chance to run commands in an terminal at all.

ryanthompson  —  6 years ago

I would look into a different host cause that's highly irregular IMHO. Even laravel you would need to be able to dump-autoload since it uses class maps too.

ultratm  —  6 years ago

only for an example we used Botble also which is on codecanyon and also based on laravel. But there you dont need anything to run. Onlyupload edit the .env file insert the sql dump and all is running very well.

edster  —  6 years ago

I deploy via FTP all the time, I concur with Ryan I have never seen an instance where you have absolutely not SSH access to the server to run basic commands.

I have always needed to run composer dumpautoload when deploying with SFTP