Files Field Type : Record not deleted when you delete the related stream
Created 6 years ago by kaarme

Next issue i have with files field type is : I assign it to a page. I add a file and save the page. I delete the page The pages_default_pages_files entry is still left behind. Shouldn't this be cleaned up?

edster  —  6 years ago

This might be a bug @ryanthompson

@kaarme can you post an issue on GH?

kaarme  —  6 years ago

I don't use Github, sorry! @edster

edster  —  6 years ago

Is this default behaviour?

Which field type are you using? Can you please provide as much detail and any code so that we can dig into this deeper?


kaarme  —  6 years ago

Files field type, assigned to a page type. All that info is in the first comment in this thread though😄

piterden  —  6 years ago

Probably, that happens, because the related column of that pivot called file_id, not related_id.