Managing Addons

PyroCMS comes with a few different ways you can include additional addons in your project.

The Addons Module

PyroCMS comes with an Addons Module that uses composer to help you safely download, install, update, and migrate addons.

Downloading Addons with Composer

Addons installed this way will be downloaded to the core directory.{.note}

The easiest way to download addons is to use composer require.

composer require anomaly/image-field_type

Addons can also be included in your root composer.json file like a normal package would.

    "require": {
        "anomaly/repeater-field_type": "~1.2.0"

Downloading PRO Addons

You can download PRO addons with Composer as well.

GitHub Authentication for PRO

When deploying PRO addons to servers using composer you will need to authorize Composer to access PRO addons on your behalf. To do this you will need to create a new personal access token and install it on your remote:

composer config -g <oauthtoken>

Including Addons Manually

Some hosts do not allow CLI access. Don't worry, you can manually install addons by copying the addon folder into the appropriate vendor folder in addons/{application}/{vendor} for a specific application or addons/shared/{vendor} to allow all applications access to the addon.

You must run the composer dump-autoload command after manually modifying addon files.{.important}