You can override Users module configuration by publishing the addon and modifying the resulting configuration file:

php artisan addon:publish anomaly.module.users

The addon will be published to /resources/{application}/addons/anomaly/users-module.

Login Field

The anomaly.module.users::config.login value determines which field is used for logging in along with the password. Valid options are email (default) or username.

'login' => env('LOGIN', 'email'),

You can also use the .env file to set this value with LOGIN.

Activation Mode

The anomaly.module.users::config.activation_mode value determines how users are activated when they register. A user must be activated in order to login.

'activation_mode' => env('ACTIVATION_MODE', 'email'),

Valid options are:

  • email - Send an activation email to the user. This is the default mode.
  • manual - Require an admin to manually activate the user.
  • automatic - Automatically activate the user when they register.