Gateways are extensions that provide configured APIs for the Payments module to utilize.


After installing your payment gateway extension you will need to configure it.

Settings Configuration

You can easily configure your extension by using the Settings module. Simply navigate to Settings > Extensions.


If your website or application does not use the Settings module you can use regular config files / .env file to configure the addon.

Please see the config directory as each gateway extension is configured differently.

Payment Processing

The payment processing supported by payments can be ran through gateways as well. Simply provide an instance of the PaymentInterface.

$extension->purchase(new PaymentModel([
     'amount'           => 25.00,
     'currency'         => 'USD',
     'first_name'       => 'Ryan',
     'last_name'        => 'Thompson',
     'number'           => '4242424242424242',
     'type'             => 'visa',
     'security_code'    => '123',
     'expiration_month' => '12',
     'expiration_year'  => '2020',
     'gateway'          => 'stripe',