Deploying with Envoy

PyroCMS comes with a basic Envoy.blade.php file for deploying your projects with SSH tasks.

You can use your own deployment scripts and logic to emulate our example. Let's take a look at some of the more common deployment tasks:

Clearing Cache

Use envoy run clear to clear all caches.

Pushing Code

Use envoy run push to push your code to the server and run any outstanding migrations.

Updating Dependencies

Use envoy run update to update your addons and dependencies and also run any outstanding migrations.


Use envoy run compile to re-compile your streams models. This may need to be done if hot fixes were applied directly to streams data in the database.

Managing Addons

Use envoy run install|uninstall|reinstall --addon={addon} to manage addons on the remote. This can also be done from the Addons module.