Addon Marketplace

The Addons Module

The Control Panel comes with an Addons Module, where you can browse through free and commercial addons from the community and the developers of PyroCMS. From there, you can safely install them with a single click, and pay for them too.

To access the Addons Module, click on the “Addons” item in Pyro’s Control Panel navigation. From there you can browse through the various addon categories and curated lists to discover new addons or manage the ones you already have.

When you click on an addon to view it, details will be displayed about the plugin, including a long description and screenshots, requirements, as well as it's current state if already downloaded.

The Addon Marketplace

In order to utilize the addons listed in the Addon Manager you first need to join the Addon Marketplace. You can do this by registering at for now and following us on Twitter.

The Marketplace is in development and testing. Please register and contact me on slack @RyanThompson.{.important}