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Custom Exceptions

By default PyroCMS load the corresponding view from the Streams Platform matching the error code thrown when debugging is disabled.

For example if the system throws a 500 error and is not in debug mode then the streams::errors/500 view will be loaded.

You can override these views a few different ways.

Publishing Streams Views

You can publish the entire Streams Platform resources by running the following command:

php artisan streams:publish

You can then customize the resources/views/errors views to accommodate your needs.

Overriding from your theme

Your theme can override views manually and automatically. To automatically override error views in your theme simply create / copy the error views from Streams Platform to resources/views/streams/errors.

Defining theme overrides

Lastly you can define view overrides manually within your theme class by defining the $overrides property:

protected $overrides = [
    'streams::errors/500' => 'example.theme.test::custom/errors/500',
**Pro Tip:** You can override any view in the same fashion as above.