Tags Field Type v2.3

Ryan Thompson Releases

We have removed the jQuery dependency from the Tags field type and cleaned house too.

Image Field Type v1.3

Ryan Thompson Releases

We've made some much needed improvements to the image field type. Check it out!

Slider Field Type v3.0

Ryan Thompson Releases

We're updated the Slider field type to slash dependencies and fix mobile support!

Users Module v2.4

Ryan Thompson Releases

We have made some feature additions to the Users module! Check it out!

PyroCMS 3.4

Ryan Thompson Releases

PyroCMS 3.4 on Laravel 5.5 LTS is here!

PyroCMS 3.4-beta1

Ryan Thompson Releases

Checkout what's new in Pyro 3.4 and what's up next in the pipeline!

API Module: v1.0

Ryan Thompson Addons

The API module securely exposes your entire application's stream data via RESTful API.