Sites Module: v1.0

Ryan Thompson Addons

We are super excited to introduce Pyro's multisite manager!

PyroCMS 3.3

Ryan Thompson Releases

It's been less than a month since 3.2 and we have a feature packed 3.3 release for you and it is 100% backwards compatible.

PyroCMS 3.2

Ryan Thompson Releases

Our biggest release yet! Version 3.2 introduces a new look and feel that's better than ever.

PyroCMS 3 - Major Release

Ryan Thompson Releases

Over 5,000 commits in the making, PyroCMS is officially back with it's newest and most powerful stable release ever!

PyroCMS 3 - RC2

Ryan Thompson Releases

We've just tagged PyroCMS v3.0.0-rc2! Find out what's been done in our last RC and strongest version yet.

PyroCMS 3 - RC1

Ryan Thompson Releases

The first PyroCMS release candidate it ready for action!

Slack Inviter Extension

Ryan Thompson Guides

Let's take an in-depth look at how we built the Slack Inviter extension for

PyroCMS 3 - Beta1

Ryan Thompson Releases

After 4000+ commits and a hard year of development, PyroCMS 3.0-beta1 is now available! Feel free to read more about what Beta1 means for PyroCMS and what we have planned next.