Form options help configure the behavior in general of the form. Anything from toggling specific UI on or off to adding a simple title and description can be done with the form options.

protected $options = [
    'title'     => 'My awesome form!',
    'form_view' => 'module::my/custom/form'

You can also set/add options from the API.

$builder->addOption('url', 'http://domain.com/example/api');
{{ form('test', 'example')
{{ form('test', 'example')
    .setOption('url', 'http://domain.com/example/api')

Available Options

Key Required Type Default Description
form_view false string streams::form/form The form view is the primary form layout view.
wrapper_view false string streams::blank The wrapper view is the admin layout wrapper. This is the view you would override if you wanted to include a sidebar with your form for example.
permission false string {vendor}.module.{module}::{stream}.write The permission string required to access the form.
url false string The route displaying the form (submits to itself). The URL for the form submission. This is generally automated but varies depending on how the form is being used.