Form options help configure the behavior in general of the form. Anything from toggling specific UI on or off to adding a simple title and description can be done with the form options.

protected $options = [
    'title'     => 'My awesome table!',
    'table_view' => 'module::my/custom/table'

You can also set/add options from the API.

$builder->addOption('title', 'My awesome table!');
{{ table('test', 'example')
    .title('My awesome table!')
{{ table('test', 'example')
    .setOption('title', 'My awesome table!')

Available Options

Key Required Type Default Description
table_view false string streams::table/table The table view is the primary table layout view.
wrapper_view false string streams::blank The wrapper view is the admin layout wrapper. This is the view you would override if you wanted to include a sidebar with your table for example.
permission false string {vendor}.module.{module}::{stream}.read The permission string required to access the table.
no_results_message false string No Results. The text shown when not results are found.
order_by false array null Set the default ordering of the results. e.g ['created_at' => 'desc']