Form actions determine what your form does when submitted. Most actions assume the form saves and then does something else like redirect to a table of entries or a new form to continue editing the entry.

Action Definition

Below is a list of all action specific definition properties. Actions extend buttons so you may want to refer to button documentation for a complete set of options for buttons.

Key Required Type Default Description
slug true string The definition key. The action becomes the submit button's name.
redirect false string Back to the form. The action redirect URL.
handler false string null A callable class string. This is useful when you want to include additional logic when a form is submitted using an action.

Registered Actions

There are a number of actions already registered in the \Anomaly\Streams\Platform\Ui\Form\Component\Action\ActionRegistry class. To use any of these actions simply include their registered string slug.

protected $actions = [

You can override actions by including more information in your definition.

protected $actions = [
    'save' => [
        'redirect' => 'admin/products/view/{}',

Defining Actions

Define properties within the builder using the actions property.

protected $actions = [

You can also set actions dynamically.

$builder->setActions(array $actions);
$builder->addAction($slug, array $definition = []);