Streams configuration can be found in vendor/anomaly/streams-platform/resources/config. It is a good idea to look through the configuration files to get acquainted with what's available.

Configuration Reference{.link}

Configuring the Streams Platform

Environmental Configuration

You will notice in looking through the available cofiguration that much of it is available through environmental configuration. If possible this is the preferred way to configure the Streams Platform.

Runtime Configuration

You can override streams configuration at runtime by using the config() helper.

config(['streams::system.force_ssl' => true]);

Publishing Configuration

Some configuration is only accessible through the configuration files. In order to modify those vaues without modifying dependency files you will need to publish the configuration with the following command:

php artisan streams:publish

This will copy all configuration to resources/{application}/streams/config so that you can modify them. The published configuration is merged into existing configuration.

Keep published files in mind when updating your system and it's addons. Manual changes may be required to maintain functionality.{.notice}

Settings and Preferences

The Settings and Preferences modules both bind values to configuration. This let's you manage much of the configuration for the Streams Platform via the control panel.

You can see what settings are bound to what configuration by reviewing the settings and preferences configuration found within the following files: